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Castle Wars is a game of strategy which is easy to learn and fun to play
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26 August 2011

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The popular game of chess gained immense popularity during the course of our history because it involves a lot of strategy, as well as autonomous decision making on the part of players which greatly determines their defeat or victory. The strategy games have become a genre which includes many games for various devices like Computers, PDAs, mobile phones, gaming consoles and other devices. Some of the popular strategy games available today are Sims series, The Conquerors, Age of Empires, Shogun etc. These games have the capability to totally involve the fans of the genre into tough mind crunching exercises. For such people, Castle Wars v.1.066 provides a good platform.

Castle Wars by EtiumSoft is a freeware game which is easy to learn and addictive in nature. This game is based on the scenario from the historic era when we used to have monarchy in civil societies with kings ruling their dynasties, as well as used to have a motive to conquer territories to bring them under their own rule. The game has a 2D interface with a mini-map on the upper right hand corner and various buttons for the in-game functionalities. In the game, you act as one of the six kings, ruling your own land. The other five kings are AI (artificial intelligence) controlled. The player has to adopt both defensive as well as attacking strategy in order to save his dynasty from being conquered and to take over enemy territories. For this, you will need to hire knights, dragons, swordsmen, peasants etc. to help the cause with their own area of specializations (e.g. you will get houses, huts, cities and castles built by the peasants). Apart from this, the player has to build an army for attacking other territories. The game has over eighty different maps to keep the players involved in designing a new strategy for every map.

Overall, Castle Wars v.1.066 is a nice platform for people who are constantly in the search for smart and entertaining games, but get repulsed by the very idea of having to deal with complicated menus and controls. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

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Castle Wars is a game of strategy which is easy to learn and fun to play. You are one of the six lords in the land. The dream of you is simple - Take over the entire land. Being a lord, you must hire peasants, swordmen, knights or dragons, build huts, castles or cities to defend your domain, control your armies to conquer other countries on the map. Castle Wars features over 80 different maps, challenging computer opponents, multiplayer mode, network play, a player ranking board and more!
Castle Wars
Castle Wars
Version 1.067
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